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Vineeth Precious Catalysts Pvt. Ltd., established in 1992 is the venture of Mr. Vishwanath P. Shetty a young and enterprising Post Graduate Chemical Engineer. The Company is engaged in the manufacturing of Hydrogenation Catalysts which include Raney Nickel Catalyst and Precious Metal (Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium & Ruthenium) Catalysts, Palladium based Coupling Catalysts, Precious Metal Salts and allied products.

Company’s installed capacity for Raney Nickel Catalyst (Active) is around 150 metric tones per annum and that of around 10 metric tons for precious metal catalysts.

Company also undertakes reactivation of Spent Raney Nickel Catalysts and recovery of precious metals from the spent precious metal catalysts and its usage for making fresh precious metal catalysts which helps the customers in a big way to bring down their cost of operation.

Company is highly quality conscious. The company has got its own R & D Centre where product development and improvement is an on going activity. The R & D Centre is being looked after by highly experienced technical staff. Company has got documented specifications, test methods, procedures and systems. Company’s products are accepted by large number of companies including multinational pharmaceutical companies. Quality of company’s products on several occasions has been proved to be superior to imported products.

Company’s products are used mainly in the manufacture of bulk drugs, drug intermediates, aromatic chemicals, specialty chemicals, rubber additives, pesticides, dyes and dye-intermediates, fine chemicals and organic chemicals etc. where hydrogenation is the key reaction. Palladium Acetate and some Palladium complex compounds are known to be used as coupling catalysts. Nickel Oxide is used for making Nickel salts. Precious metal salts are generally used for electroplating purposes.

Company markets its products at most competitive rates. Material Safety Data Sheets are provided to customers for storage and handling. The company provides after sales service and also technical consultation to its customers.

Company is highly conscious about prevention of environmental pollution and has adopted mechanism to ensure environmental protection. The employees are periodically educated about house-keeping and safety aspects pertaining to manufacturing, storage and handling as most of the products are pyrophoric in nature.

Company’s manufacturing unit works round the clock except on Friday which is its weekly off.

Syndicate Bank, Valiv Branch, Vasai (East), District.Thane - 401 208, Maharashtra, India is company’s Banker.

Company is poised for rapid growth in the days to come.

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